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ISMAR 2014 - Sep 10-12 - Munich, Germany

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We invite you to participate in this year’s *Volkswagen Tracking Challenge* which is part of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2014 at the TU Munich. The competition will be conducted at the 9th and 11th of September 2014.

Some facts about the Tracking Challenge:


  • Contest of Augmented Reality technologies especially for but not limited to vision-based tracking methods
  • Four challenging scenarios with varying difficulties for novice and experts
  • Possible participation in only one, two, three or all scenarios
  • Total prize value of *12.000€*
  • Scientific exchange between researchers from academia and industry
  • Winners will be announced at the ISMAR closing ceremony
  • Registration deadline is July 31, 2014


Vision-based tracking technologies, especially used for tracking of vehicle components, are one of the most crucial basis-technologies required for a widespread application of Augmented Reality in the automotive and industrial domain. The competition aims to provide a forum for scientific exchange between researchers from academia and industry, as well as an opportunity to get in contact with potential customers in the environment of the Volkswagen Group.

This year's Tracking Challenge consists of four scenarios that are based on corresponding processes and requirements of automotive industry as well as current issues in science. The participants will receive a certain number of 3D reference points or corresponding 3D data for the registration into the local coordinate system for each of the scenarios. Then, they will have to determine and visualize elements which are defined by given 3D coordinates.

The preparation day will be on *Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014* where the participants can test their tracking system and register to the local coordinate system of the scenarios. The actual competition will run on *Sept. 11, 2014*. Each participant will have a dedicated timeslot for completing the task in a scenario.

Further details on the registration, the scenarios and the competition will be published on the Volkswagen Tracking Challenge website:
Volkswagen Tracking Challenge

Are you interested in participating in the Volkswagen Tracking Challenge 2014 or do you need more information? Please contact us by email: tracking_chairs[at]

Tracking Competition co-Chairs:


  • Murali Chari, QUALCOMM 
  • Andreas Dippon, TU Munich 
  • Patrick Maier, TU Munich 
  • Christoffer Menk, Volkswagen AG 
  • Daniel Pustka, A.R.T GmbH 
  • Ulrich Rautenberg, Volkswagen AG


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