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ISMAR 2014 - Sep 10-12 - Munich, Germany

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Fusing Web Technologies and Augmented Reality


Session TitleRoomStartEnd
Fusing Web Technologies and Augmented RealityHS3Monday 08 Sep, 2014 09:00 AM12:30 PM
Ulrich Bockholt, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany


Within the German research project ARVIDA a large consortium of industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality users, of technology providing companies and research institutes cooperate on the establishment of highly flexible web-based reference architecture for Augmented Reality applications. The use of web technologies is motivated by modern web standards as WebGL or WebRTC supporting e.g. real time rendering of 3D-content of video streaming within Web-Browsers. Thereby, the use of Web technologies not only offers the possibility to develop applications platform and OS independent but it also facilitates the integration of Augmented Reality into industrial workflows or PDM environments. The developed reference architecture offers RESTful tracking, rendering and interaction services that foster the combination and exchange of different algorithms with the aim to fit the technology to the specific requirements of an AR-applications in an optimal way.

The Tutorial will address the following topics:

  • Use of Web-standards (e.g. WebGL/WebRTC) as basis technologies for Augmented Reality Systems.
  • Distribution of Rendering/Tracking/Interaction algorithms in client/server configurations.
  • Streaming technologies used in the development of Augmented Reality frameworks.
  • Transcoding services for the integration of Augmented Reality applications into PDM environments.
  • Use of RDFs (Resource Description Framework) and sematic wiki for the formulation of tracking/processing/visualisation services available for different resources (e.g. for captured sensor data)
  • Exemplary AR applications developed with the help of Web-based technologies

Form of Presentation

"The outlined topics will be presented in lectures (with Slides) and mostly with the help of many examples developed in this context. We expect 30 to 50 attendees, the tutorial has not been taught before."

Intended Audience

Students, researched and industry professionals developing Augmented Reality and that are interested in the possibilities and limitations of Web-technologies in the context of AR.

Instructor Background

Ulrich Bockholt (Dr.-Ing.) received his diploma degree in Mathematics from the University Mainz (Germany) in 1997 and his doctoral degree from the Darmstadt University of Technology in 2003. From 1997 to 2001 he has been researcher at the Interactive Graphics Systems Group (GRIS) of the Darmstadt University of Technology. Since 2001 he is working at the Department „Virtual & Augmented Reality“ at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics (Fraunhofer-IGD) in Darmstadt (Germany). Since 2002 he is leading the Augmented Reality Group in the department “Virtual & Augmented Reality“. In 2004 he has received his doctoral degree at the Technical University Darmstadt. Since 2008 he is heading the department “Virtual and Augmentd Reality“ with 15 to 21 full time researchers.

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