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ISMAR 2014 - Sep 10-12 - Munich, Germany

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Exploring AR-Glasses and Their Pecularities


Session TitleRoomStartEnd
Exploring AR-Glasses and Their PecularitiesRoom 00.07.014Monday 08 Sep, 2014 02:00 PM05:00 PM
Markus Eder, Head of Computer Vision, Wikitude GmbH
Martin Lechner, CTO, Wikitude GmbH
Dr. Thomas Stütz, Senior Lecturer, FH Salzburg
Julian Stadon, Senior Lecturer, FH Salzburg

The half-day workshop will focus on AR Glasses and how their new and unique interfaces change the way we use, develop, interact with and percept Augmented Reality. The main goal is to get a large amount of people interested in Augmented Reality Glasses to discuss particular topics of and issues with AR Glasses, and to understand what developers and users must change in the way they use AR on AR Glasses, compared to AR on smartphones, tablets and laptops. For this purpose, the workshop will be split into 3 main sessions:

  • Session 1 will consist of an introductory lecture into the different kinds of AR Glasses currently available in the market, and their pecularities (see-through vs non-see-through, monocular vs binocular etc.). It will also cover an introduction into the software (SDKs and applications) available to develop for and use AR Glasses.
  • Session 2 will allow the participants to get a hands-on session with AR glasses and some demo applications. Participants will be able to try the Glasses themselves to get a full overview on what is currently possible.
  • In Session 3, we plan to run breakout sessions with the participants of the workshop, where we will focus on the unique aspects of AR Glasses, such as UI and UX (can AR Glasses replace mobile phones in the future?), particular AR Glasses usecases, Software SDKs and any other topics of interest raised by the participants of the workshop. The goal of the breakout sessions is to get creative thinkers to talk with each other and discuss how the way AR Glasses work will change the way we develop and use AR in the future.

In a final wrap-up session, we will discuss the outcomes and ideas of the breakout sessions, go get a common understanding of what we can expect from AR Glasses in the future.

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